The Roulette board explained

The roulette game has been one of the most popular casino games from the time it was first introduced in France in the 18th century. The first variant of the roulette wheel was invented by Blasé Pascal in the 17th century. It is one of the exciting games casinos offer players. But how can you play the game and win exciting games if you don’t understand the roulette board layout? Not to worry, that’s what we’ll be explaining today with this intricate piece.

There are two components to the entire layout of the game. The first of such feature is the layout of the wheels. It’s the central part of the roulette table, and the second being the layout of the betting section of the table.

The Roulette board – all you need to know

The question that usually pops up is: do you find bets in roulette table based on the roulette wheel layout? When it comes to American Roulette, it has no bet based on the wheel layout. But as far as the European Roulette is a concern, things are more exciting

Also, the house edge for the European variant is relatively lower compared to the American roulette wheel. The American wheel has numbers that are arranged differently. It also features double zero which raises the odds, but only in favour of the house.

The roulette board explained

Asides the number, one other thing you ought to consider is the layout of the roulette board. The entire structure is the same for both European and American roulette. The numbers on the board are placed in similar positions in both variants of roulette on the betting table. 2

The layout of the betting table lists out the numbers and the best you can place on the numbers.

  • Full complete or maximum bet.
  • Outside bets
  • Final bets
  • Inside bets
  • Call bets

We’ve written different articles on the outside, inside, final, and maximum bets.

Call bets

Call bets are found only in European and French roulette and are as follows:

  • Neighbours
  • Jeu 0 or Zero Game
  • Voisins du Zero or Neighbours of Zero
  • Orphelins, also known as Orphans
  • Tiers du Cylinder also known as Thirds of the wheel.

There you have it, folks.

Betting Options

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are two options that are accessible to the player. The two options are outside bets and inside bets. There are unique ways in which you can place a bet on the inside too. Players can also be placed on two different numbers, and this bet is known as a split. That’s not all; you also have three-line bets which let’s place a bet on three different numbers. Meanwhile, the corner bets is a bet made by a player on four numbers. There is also bet made on six different numbers. The betting options have a different payout. The payout of outside bets also differs from each other. Outside bets are:

– High and low bets

– Dozen bets

– Column bet.

– Red/Black

– Split dozen.

– Split column.